Chris Slotten, the Dyslexic Jenius, has always been “one of those”.  In school he was a “mentally gifted minor”.  In 1972, as a senior at U.C. Irvine, he built a car that met 1986 air pollution requirements because “it couldn’t be done”.  Check IN!, proved at Fireman's Fund in Novato, CA, in 1987, reduces office-related back-pain/stress and makes followers feel better in 5 minutes, 5 days and 5 months. The program is now being re-born as 'Pause Stretch Breath' a personal app.  He created the best multi-family recycling program in California in 1994 (the 1st to divert over 50% through recycling, the 1st to offer green-waste for residents, the 1st to save $9/month per unit in HOA dues and saved over 50,000 trees)even though he was told it wasn't his job.  Someone else, the city, state or Waste Management, should do it.

In 2008, living southwest of Phoenix, he reduced the air conditioning costs on his house by 50% saving the energy equivalent of 4 barrels of oil.  He tested his discoveries on two other houses and eliminated the need for AC in a 4,000 sq. ft. industrial building.  His goal was to save the energy equivalent of 20 million barrels of oil by the end of 2013.  Then in November of 2008, a life-changing car accident, a spinal procedure on a worn-out back that produced negative results and the opportunity to learn the phenomenon of working through adversity. The results? The impossible, the BSM Platform that reengages diaphragm breathing and reverses early COPD. Even after he did it, he is still being told a simple solution like this can't work.

Dyslexic Jenius - temp